Make journaling a habit

Journaling is a powerful technique to focus your attention and find clarity in a time of information-overload.

Getting started with journaling is easy, but turning it into a practice is a challenge.

Let us show you how to get started... and going.

Know your why

Why journal?

In a time that information is hurled at us every second, it can be a challenge to focus.

Journaling gives you the mental space to slow down and decide what to focus on.


Your mental scratchpad is limited, and writing extends it.

When you never take the time to slow down and reflect, you may never discover what you want to focus on.


Journaling helps to direct your attention, and keep it there.

Deciding what to focus on is a great first step, but to then actually focus is challenging in this Information Era.


When you know where you are and go, you find stillness.

Journaling holds you a mirror, showing you where you're doing great and where you could improve.

Analog or digital?

Prefer paper over pixels? You've in luck!

While we focus on Roam Research, our techniques work with all writing tools.

Journaling isn't as much about the tools as it is about actually doing it. We can talk a lot about journaling techniques, but what matters is that we write.

Meet your coaches

The scribbler

Tracy Winchell

In an effort to tell the truth about herself, her relationships, and the world around her, Tracy started journaling more than seven years ago. Journaling helps her identify time and attention leaks, and understand what techniques work to plug those leaks. Once she discovered the benefits of keeping a day log in Roam Research, she started keeping commitments to others and herself.

The technician

Ramses Oudt

While battling health issues related to his lifestyle, Ramses found journaling in an attempt to gain clarity. Holding nothing back, he soon traced the root of his challenges and set out to change. More than five years later, now healthy and still journaling consistently, Ramses helps knowledge workers gain clarity and focus by showing them how they can program their attention using writing.

Learn with us

Getting started with a journaling practice is doable, but how to turn it into a habit?

We'll guide you on your journaling journey toward clarity, focus, and stillness.

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